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Believe in the magic of rock n’ roll.  Believe in the magic of a young girl’s soul. 

Believe in the magic that can set you free.


Don’t be fooled by the age of our youngest and grooviest DJ/magician, Emo, who brings the magic of rock n’ roll to the airwaves.  We guarantee she knows more about the flower power era than most people who actually lived through it.  Her soul is stuck in 1967 and she shows it through the eclectic music she plays on her show, all with her own spunky attitude.  Diving deep into her collection of almost 600 vinyl records, she’ll play you rare gems primarily from the ‘60s and ‘70s from psychedelic rock, southern rock, hard rock, blues, folk, old country, roots, garage, and anything that’s good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll.  Emo also gives interesting history about the bands she plays and interviews rock n’ roll groups touring around the area (including Jefferson Starship and Dave Mason).  Her goal is to play music “so groovy it’ll makes you feel happy like an old time movie” and that brings you “a smile that won’t wipe off your face no matter how hard you try.” 


Emo is often asked how such a young girl knows so much about every single band from the 1960s and 1970s?  She was ten years old when she heard The Doors’, “Riders On The Storm” playing from her brother’s room and was immediately sucked into a journey she would never turn back from.  She then stole her brother’s classic rock CDs and stayed up way past her bedtime every night researching similar bands, making her brain an endless pit of rock n’ roll knowledge.  A few years later she began her vinyl collection and began discovering magical songs hidden within these albums that she knew she one day needed to share with the world (because happiness is only real when shared right?).  Emo co-hosted two radio shows at her college Cal Poly Pomona and then became an employee at 100.3 The Sound, but today she is here on KOCI to perform magic tricks like whipping up the most rockin’ tunes in history.  


Follow her show’s Instagram to stay updated to check out previous playlists: @kocirocknrollmagicshow


And you can check out her record collection here:


Do you believe like she believes?

7-10 A.M.

MondayThrough Friday


Jim “Poorman” Trenton

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