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Orange County’s Only Morning Drive Radio Show

7-11 A.M.

Monday Through Friday


Jim “Poorman” Trenton

Poorman Surfing2.jpg

Poorman brings his unique radio roots to his show -or maybe just his sandy feet (he lives three houses from the sand) with a morning ‘Surf Report’, which may be more than just wave size.  Tune in to listen for the great guests popping in and phoning into the show.  

Poorman plays a lot of music that will blend classic cuts and many B sides with new hit independent artists of all styles who have never received mainstream radio airplay.  

Poorman also wants to alert artists who haven’t aired on mainstream radio to send him their materials immediately at  The idea is to discover new hit music!  Even the guests will get into the music selection process with songs of their choice.


There will be plenty of freeeeeeee giveaways to listeners, a Poorman staple through the years. This show brings plenty of excitement, and of course, the Poorman’s aura of unpredictability -  both good and bad - that has defined his legend!


What makes this Morning Show unique, besides the fact that it is Orange County’s only live and local Morning show, is the collaboration between Poorman and station owner Brent Kahlen who was one of the original KROQ jocks in the late 70s when KROQ aired on both AM and FM. Brent and Poorman learned radio at KROQ, the most rebellious, no rules station in LA radio history.  As KROQ was, KOCI FM is independent and open to experimentation, which makes radio exciting again!

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