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Since going on-the-air, Startree / KOCI has been able in a very short time to establish extensive contacts and working relationships with of some of the most important environmental organizations and related professional groups and individuals in our service area. This wide-ranging network has included local non-profit educational organizations and advocacy groups; state and local agencies; technical experts, and community volunteers. Building these relationships has enabled us from the outset to start effectively utilizing the special medium of community FM Radio to provide valuable coverage of environmental issues and events of local interest. This has been produced through a variety of means such as promotional public service announcements (PSAs); in-studio as well as field interviews; website video coverage; participation and networking at local events and meetings, and promotion of KOCI’s overall environmental mission.


Our central objective in these efforts can be simply stated: to creatively use our unique position as an alternative, non-profit community-based broadcaster to offer local leaders, environmental groups, educators, advocates, event planners, and others active in the field an opportunity for greater public exposure and promotion than they might otherwise have through existing commercial media. Combined with this website, our goal has been to foster greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of the environment…along with its many issues and life-style challenges and opportunities for local involvement. We place a particular emphasis on enhancing environmental education, particularly for children and young people. We believe this aligns closely with plans we have for our own charitable program called “Life Changes For Kids.”



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