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The Jimmy Rabbitt Show

Playlist for the most recent Saturday show "El Conejo's Back On The Beach" Click here 


With fans from around the world, the popularity of this show quickly gobbles up our audio streams over the Internet. We suggest signing on early to ensure access to a audio stream. The Jimmy Rabbitt show is a classic with an “I Don’t Know What’s Coming Next” format to keep you always guessing. His choice of music and commentary will either keep you in stitches or in tears. Regardless of your emotional state, this is one show you can’t afford to miss and one you will want to tell your friends. Go ahead and call your friends and/or send an email blast to your contact list and let them know what is happening on the Jimmy Rabbitt Show and at KOCI.  Remember, even if they are outside our radio signal, they can still access KOCI Radio anywhere in the world by just connecting to our website and clicking on "Listen Live Audio."   We really do appreciate you and all you can do to help promote KOCI. Thank you.












Jimmy Rabbitt (center, on one knee) with the Beach Boys.

Jimmy Rabbitt koci radio
Jimmy Rabbitt koci radio
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