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Who We Are


StarTree107, Inc.: Starting from humble beginnings our crew of on-air and production specialists yearned for a chance to make a mark on the Southern California radio market. No need to wait any longer.... The start of something good, maybe great, has finally come to the Southern California coast.


The goal of 101.5FM, KOCI is to provide a distinct and locally-based alternative to the entertainment, informational and promotional programming that currently exists on the FM band. We strive for a programming and marketing approach that is more tailored, accessible and community-oriented than those of the larger-scale, commercially oriented radio stations that currently serve Orange County and Southern California by focusing more on the core and adjacent communities of our dynamic Orange County central coast service area. We hope to serve as both a source of the best in contemporary musical artistry and entertainment, as well as a valuable community and regional information resource. We seek to enhance awareness and appreciation of our area's unique coastal environment and amenities, and provide a variety of promotional and information services on area activities and events, entertainment, public resources, civic issues and community services.


To achieve these objectives, KOCI will strive to build creative partnerships with civic leaders, educational and community service organizations and the business community through innovative programming and promotional activities. Most importantly, we will provide direct financial and promotional support as well as accountability for our own educational / charitable program, "Life Changes for Kids."

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