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The Traveling Medicine & Blues Show

Sunday Afternoons  1 to 3 PM


It is no “Hocus Pocus” from the medicine man, Dave Tool. He will diagnose you and prescribe the right cure with his magical potions for what’s ailing you. No one mixes a perfectly blended concoction of “Boogie and Blues” like Dave during his Traveling Medicine and Blues Show. If you are looking for a solid dose of the right medicine, then tune in for a full two hour of therapeutic treatment. From the first record Dave spins, to the final track in closing the session, you will know that his remedy is just what the doctor ordered.


You will be blown away at the quick and responsive outcome, resulting in your restored state-of-mind. Dave guarantees results producing a domino-effect equation in raising your metabolism.  He will get your head to bobbing, your hands to tapping, your shoulders to rolling, your hips to swinging and in no time you will be on your feet dancing. It is just the right dosage mixed with surprise guests, live performances, rare underground plays and all the classics you haven’t heard for years. Dave and co-host Manny Gastelum promises that their therapy will carry you through until next week when they do it again.